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Q: Are you available to work onsite, or do you only work from your home / office?
Q: What are your rates (hourly, or flat fee)? Are your rates generally flexible?
Q: Do you only develop new MS Access databases? Or do you fix existing ones?
Q: What features can a database have, and what kind of data can be stored?
Q: Can I store images in a database?
Q: What are the advantages of MS Access databases over Excel spreadsheets?
Q: How long does it take to develop a custom database? What is involved in the process?
Q: What type of I.T. services do you offer?
Q: Do you work on PC's or Mac's?
Q: Do you work on computer hardware, as well?
Q: Do you develop animations?
Q: Which areas of L.A. County are you able to visit for support and/or work?
Q: Do you provide remote support? And are you able to perform database work & uploads remotely?
Q: How is "Photography" relevant to your Computer Programming services?
A: True, in the past, traditional 'Film Photography' was not related to the Computer industry. However, since technology has started to evolve, film gradually gave way to digital cameras, later smartphones. All of which now involves digital photo-processing & editing on a computer. As such, for several of our clients we've done "all-in-one" service: photographing (objects / landscapes), then uploading the photos onto the PC followed by Photoshop editing on a computer followed by programming the finished images onto a website, or onto a software program.

Clearly, what previously used to be two unrelated fields, is now closely tied together - all of which being an integral part of the "Computer Technology" industry.