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Q: Are you available to work onsite, or do you only work from your home / office?
Q: What are your rates (hourly, or flat fee)? Are your rates generally flexible?
Q: Do you only develop new MS Access databases? Or do you fix existing ones?
Q: What features can a database have, and what kind of data can be stored?
Q: Can I store images in a database?
Q: What are the advantages of MS Access databases over Excel spreadsheets?
Q: How long does it take to develop a custom database? What is involved in the process?
Q: What type of I.T. services do you offer?
A: While 'I.T. services' per se is no longer our main occupation (we mostly work on database development and Photoshop projects), we still perform such services on occasion - and have provided online, telephone, and in-office support to a number of small businesses. This includes: system troubleshooting, dealing with spyware and virus issues, software installation & configuration, backup, set-up of equipment (printers, scanners, etc.), working with small network systems, email client set-up, help with document preparation & design, and general consulting. We will be happy to look at your system and - depending on the issue(s) to be resolved - will help you to determine the next steps.

Q: Do you work on PC's or Mac's?
Q: Do you work on computer hardware, as well?
Q: Do you develop animations?
Q: Which areas of L.A. County are you able to visit for support and/or work?
Q: Do you provide remote support? And are you able to perform database work & uploads remotely?
Q: How is "Photography" relevant to your Computer Programming services?